New Flesh Coffin album!

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The debut album from my harsh noise alias Flesh Coffin was a split with Vomir in 2009. After numerous tapes and CD-Rs on various labels throughout the 2010s, things slowed down towards the end of the decade. This is the first full album of new material from Flesh Coffin since the tape “Black Lakes” released on Imperial Noir in 2015.

To check out the sounds, go HERE.

To order from the label, go HERE.

Evolutionary Context

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Another track from the “False Light Authority” EP, available HERE.

False Light Authority OUT NOW!

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Five tracks of glitchy/ambient/drone that I started work on around the same sessions that turned into the “Not A Triangle” album (released on Flophouse in May 2022). Synths, various manipulated acoustic intruments, field recordings, VHS tape, minidisc and cassette loops.

Andreas Brandal – False Light Authority

  1. Astral Mirrors of Delusion (3:25)
  2. Evolutionary Context (3:10)
  3. False Light Authority (4:00)
  4. The Karmic Return of Mental Bondage (3:29)
  5. Collective Thoughtforms of Fallen Angelics (4:57)

Recorded at The Station, Bergen in 2021 and 2022.

You’ll find it HERE.

Astral Mirrors Of Delusion

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Here’s a new track from an upcoming EP.

“Only Whiskey and Tap Water” compilation

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I participate with a track on this compilation from Debila records

V.A. Only Whiskey and Tap Water
2x 3″ CD-R (2022)
Released by Debila Records
Limited to 50 copies

Prokleti Mozak (Slovenia)
Andreas Brandal (Norway)
Mai 12 (Greece)
Petar Pečur (Croatia)
Cannibal Ritual (Germany)
Embolia Assassina (Italy)
Davor Šerkinić (Mecedonia)
Neo-Cymex (Slovenia)
Marax (USA)
NBDY (Czech Republic)
Andrew Quitter (USA)

Check it out HERE.