Andreas Brandal is from Bergen, Norway. He has been making music with various bands and projects since the late 80’s. In 1994 he released his first recording as a solo artist, a cassette-single titled “Tape 1”, followed in 1995 by 2 more cassettes. In 1996 he released his first vinyl single “Better Than Casters” on his own label.

In 1997 the label Smalltown Supersound released a split vinyl single with Andreas Brandal and Bruce Russell (The Dead C / A Handful Of Dust). In 1998 Andreas and fellow musician Jarle Nordvik formed the improv duo Larmoyant. This project released one LP, participated on “Le Jazz Non – A Compilation of Norwegian Noise”, and and played several concerts.

In 2005 Andreas released his first solo CD, “Drive Home With a Hammer” on the Ukrainian label Quasi Pop, and since then he has released many tapes and CD-R’s through various labels worldwide. In 2009 his first solo LP, titled “Reverse the Night”, was released by the German label Droehnhaus.

Besides Larmoyant and his solo-work, Andreas is involved in various other bands and duo-projects, including: Russian For Chairs (with Sindre Bjerga and Artem Bezukladnikov),  Torture Gnosis (with Dave Obm), Lupus Golem (with Hans Kristian Senneseth and Bjørn Kåre Berentsen), Drevne Bolesti (with Neven Smrznik), Museums Of Sleep (with Cole Peters), House Of Bats (with Robert Meldrum), Men Of Science (with Matthew Himes) and Jabber Garland (with Sindre Bjerga). The more harsh side of Andreas Brandal’s sounds can be found in the projects Flesh Coffin, Hour Of the Wolf and Avmakt.

In 2007 he started a (now defunct) small CD-R / Mp3-label together with Hans Kristian Senneseth and Jarle Nordvik, called Twilight Luggage. He was part of the Bosnian noise-label Zvukovina.

He also has a Bandcamp page.


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2022 Flesh Coffin – “New Flesh For the Old Ritual” (CD-R, Debila Records)

2022 Andreas Brandal – “False Light Authority” EP (Digital, Self released)

2022 Andreas Brandal – “Not a Triangle” (Tape/Download, Flophouse)

2022 Andreas Brandal – “Zener_38” (Tape/Download, Sensory Leakage)

2021 Andreas Brandal – “Primal” (Digital, Self released)

2021 Andreas Brandal – “Subterranean Nerve Endings” (Noir Age)

2020 Andreas Brandal – “Cipher” (Digital/Zine, Self Released)

2020 Hidden Persuaders – “Disciple” (Tape, Autistic Campaign)

2020 Russian For Chairs – “Live At the Rauchhaus” (Tape/Digital, Soundholes)

2019 Hidden Persuaders – “Tongues Of Burial” (Tape/Digital, Dumpster Score)

2019 Andreas Brandal – “Haunted Places” (Digital, Self released)

2018 Andreas Brandal / Mike Nigro – Split (Tape/Digital, Tandem Tapes)

2018 Flesh Coffin / supERROR Split – Split (Tape/digital, Teen Dreams)

2017 Andreas Brandal & Continental Fruit – s/t (Tape/Digital, FRM-AT)

2017 Andreas Brandal – “The Work Of the Spider” (Tape/Digital, Muzan Editions)

2017 Andreas Brandal – “Symbols” (CD-R/Fanzine/Digital, Self released)

2017 Andreas Brandal – “Tapestry of Forgotten Ideas” (CD-R, Tape Drift Records)

2017 Avmakt / Static Mantra – Split (Tape, Hair On My Food Tapes & Records)

2017 Flesh Coffin/Nar – Split (Lathe 7″, Darker Days Ahead)

2017 Skeleton Harbor – “Maiden Voyage” (Tape, Oxtail Recordings)

2016 Andreas Brandal – “Flames and Ether” (Tape, Oxtail Recordings)

2016 Andreas Brandal – “The Land Of Perfect Twilight” (Tape, Fluere Tapes)

2016 Andreas Brandal – “The Delusive Light” (Tape, A Giant Fern)

2016 Andreas Brandal – “The Thursday Curses” (Tape, Sacred Phrases)

2016 Flesh Coffin – “Bones In the Cellar” (Files, Self released)

2016 Hidden Persuaders – “Flowers Of the Abyss” (Tape, Sky Burial)

2016 Hour Of the Wolf – Untitled (Files, self released)

2016 Lupus Golem – “Minotaure and Typhaon” (Files, Self released)

2015 Andreas Brandal – “Murmurs and Echoes” (Tape, Field Hymns)

2015 Andreas Brandal – “A Switch In Time” (Tape, Oxtail Recordings)

2015 Avmakt – “Skumring” (Tape, Audio Arts) 2015 Avmakt – “Daudingar” (CD-R, Darker Days Ahead)

2015 Flesh Coffin – “Black Lakes” (Tape, Imperial Noir)

2015 Drevne Bolesti – “Licking the Snails” (3″ CD-R, Debila Records)

2015 Hidden Persuaders – “Elegies and Curses” (Tape, A Giant Fern)

2014 Andreas Brandal – “Minus Plus” (Reissue of two releases from 2010) (Files, Self released)

2014 Andreas Brandal – “Hidden Rooms” (Tape, Tranquility Tapes)

2014 Andreas Brandal / Cathal Rodgers – “Demons In the Architecture” Split series (Tape, Idrone Park)

2014 Andreas Brandal / Urthsla – Split (Tape, Zamzam Records)

2014 Andreas Brandal – “The Nightmare Note” (Tape, Ginjoha)

2014 Andreas Brandal – “Séance” (CD-R, Twice Removed)

2014 Avmakt/Nar – “Eskapisme” (split CD-R, Self released)

2014 Avmakt – “Vardøger” (3″ CD-R, Debila Records)

2014 Flesh Coffin/Winter Ritual – “Concrete Altar” (Tape, La Cohu)

2014 Flesh Coffin/Spermicidal – Split (Tape, Idrone Park)

2014 Hidden Persuaders – “The Bone Forest” (Tape, A Giant Fern)

2014 Hidden Persuaders – s/t (Tape, 2:00AM Tapes)

2014 Hour Of the Wolf – “The Infernal Gods” (Files, Self released)

2014 Jabber Garland – “Primitive Future” (Tape, Sincope)

2014 Men Of Science – “Antiseptic” (Tape, Lighten Up Sounds)

2014 Uvesen – “III” (Tape, Arachnidiscs Recordings)

2014 Uvesen – “II” (Tape, Knife In the Toaster)

2013 Andreas Brandal – “Just After Dark” (Files, Self-released)

2013 Andreas Brandal – “The Book Of Gates” (Tape, Brise-Cul)

2013 Flesh Coffin – “The Psychotic Bible” (Tape, Worthless Recordings)

2013 Flesh Coffin – “Raise the Dead” (Tape, Prairie Fire)

2013 Flesh Coffin – “Horror Vacui” (Tape, Aaltra)

2013 Flesh Coffin – “Electricity” (Tape, Hair On My Food)

2013 Hour Of the Wolf – s/t (Files, Self released)

2013 Jabber Garland – “Catalogue Of Disasters” (CD-R, Inner Empire)

2012 Andreas Brandal – “Apparition” (Files, Control Valve)

2012 Andreas Brandal / Jakob Palmer-Vida – “Selective Timestream II” (Download, Art As Intent)

2012 Andreas Brandal – “Turning Point” (Tape, Tranquility Tapes)

2012 Andreas Brandal – “Staying Is Nowhere” (Tape, Field Hymns)

2012 Avmakt – “Kadaver” (CD-R/Tape, Zvukovina) 2012 Flesh Coffin – “Chop Chop” (Tape, Sleepy Hollow Editions)

2012 Hour Of the Wolf – “Spindelgud” (Files, Self released)

2012 House Of Bats s/t (Tape, Lighten Up Sounds)

2012 Men Of Science – s/t (7″ picture disc, Lighten Up Sounds)

2012 Torture Gnosis – “II” (CD-R/Download, Frequency Thirteen)

2011 Andreas Brandal – “Eight Secret Messages” (CD-R, Ilse)

2011 Andreas Brandal – “Parts Of the Puzzle” (Tape, Ginjoha)

2011 Andreas Brandal – “Counterparts” (Tape, Goldtimers)

2011 Andreas Brandal – “The Merchant Of Salt” (CD-R, Dumpster Diving Lab)

2011 Andreas Brandal – “Disturbing the Dust” (CD-R, Kendra Steiner Editions)

2011 Andreas Brandal / Blood On Tape – Split (Tape, Rotifer Cassettes)

2011 Andreas Brandal – “Then the Strangest Thing Happened” (Tape, Stunned Records)

2011 Andreas Brandal – “Realizing the Transparent” (Tape, No Kings)

2011 Andreas Brandal – “More Or Less” (Tape, 905 Tapes)

2011 Andreas Brandal – “Autumn Drama” (Tape, Lighten Up Sounds)

2011 Brandal/Remplap – “Selective Timestream” (Download, Art As Intent)

2011 Avmakt – “Svart” (CD-R, Anarcho Freaks Production)

2011 Flesh Coffin – “Return To the Tomb” (CD-R/Download, Darker Days Ahead)

2011 Flesh Coffin – “The Beast Won’t Go To Sleep” (Tape, Lighten Up Sounds)

2011 Flesh Coffin – “Folie à Deux” (CD-R, Dumpster Score)

2011 Flesh Coffin – “Devil Worship In the Slaughterhouse” (Tape, Out Of Body Records)

2011 Flesh Coffin – “Seeing Things” (Tape, No Visible Scars)

2011 Flesh Coffin – “So Much Darkness” (Tape, Jersey Flesh)

2011 Flesh Coffin – “Seven Sermons To the Dead” (2*CD-R, Zvukovina)

2011 Flesh Coffin – “The Horns Of Your Altars” (Tape, Wohrt Records)

2011 Hour Of the Wolf – “Rust and Ashes” (Files, Self released)

2011 Uvesen – s/t (CD-R/Download, Twilight Luggage)

2010 Andreas Brandal – “Breaking a Mirror” (Files, Self released)

2010 Andreas Brandal – “Minus” (3-inch CD-R, Kendra Steiner Editions)

2010 Andreas Brandal – “Furnace” (Tape, 2:00AM Tapes)

2010 Andreas Brandal – “Sunken Gardens” (CD-R, Apollolaan)

2010 Andreas Brandal – “Into Thin Air” (Tape, Sweat Lodge Guru)

2010 Andreas Brandal – “Underground” (Tape, Rotifer Cassettes)

2010 Andreas Brandal – Untitled split with Aghori (Tape, Existential Cloth)

2010 Andreas Brandal – “Locks and Caves” (CD-R, Left (field) Recordings)

2010 Andreas Brandal – “Shipwrecks” (Tape, Licht Und Stahl)

2010 Andreas Brandal/Taklamakan – Split (Tape, Geluidsoverlast)

2010 Andreas Brandal – “For Einer Nielsen” (CD-R, Dumpster Score)

2010 Andreas Brandal – “Secrets Of the Snow” (Tape, Stunned Records)

2010 Andreas Brandal – “The Pendulum” (3″ CD-R, Hyperblasted)

2010 Brandal/Vinciguerra – “Metal” (Tape, Turgid Animal Italy)

2010 Brandal/Coltrane – “AC/AB” (CD-R, Twilight Luggage)

2010 A. Brandal/F. Barabino – Untitled (Download, Test Tube)

2010 Avmakt – “Eitre” (CD-R, Suprematist Records)

2010 Avmakt – s/t (Tape, Stasis)

2010 Drevne Bolesti – “History Of The Nightmare Standardisation” (Tape, Zvukovina)

2010 Flesh Coffin – “False Memories” (Tape, Turgid Animal)

2010 Flesh Coffin – “Borderland EP” (3″ CD-R, Suck My Guts Records)

2010 Flesh Coffin – “Night Work” (CD-R, Art As Intent)

2010 Flesh Coffin – “In the Woods” (Tape, 2:00AM Tapes)

2010 Flesh Coffin – “Crawling In Chaos” (Tape, Moribund Tree)

2010 Flesh Coffin – “Veil Of Snakes” (CD-R, Abandon Ship Records)

2010 Flesh Coffin – “Headcase” (CD-R, Zvukovina)

2010 Flesh Coffin/Mind Movies – “Little Do they Know” (Tape, Side Of the Sun)

2010 Hour Of the Wolf – “Limited With Coffee” (CD-R, self released)

2010 Hour Of the Wolf – “Winter Light” (CD-R, Toxic Industries)

2010 Hour Of the Wolf – “Wrapped In Dry Skin” (Tape, Deadline Noise recordings)

2010 Hour Of the Wolf – “Cobwebs” (Tape, Spider Tapes)

2010 Hour Of the Wolf – Untitled split with Ptomain (Business card CD-R, Hellville)

2010 Hour Of the Wolf – “The Sun Became As Black As Sackcloth Of Hair And The Moon Became Like Blood” (Tape, Satan’s Din)

2010 Lupus Golem – “Typhaon” (CD-R & free download, Twilight Luggage)

2010 Museums Of Sleep – s/t (Tape, Prairie Fire)

2009 Andreas Brandal – “Jernvognen” (CD-R, Tape Drift)

2009 Andreas Brandal – Untitled split with It’s A Lunken (Tape, Self released)

2009 Andreas Brandal – “Reverse the Night” (LP, Droehnhaus)

2009 Andreas Brandal – “Liber Null” (Tape, Anathema Sound)

2009 Andreas Brandal – “Disturbance” (Tape, Myiasis)

2009 Andreas Brandal – “A History Of Labyrinths” (CD-R, Basses Frequences)

2009 Andreas Brandal – “Ritual / The Prescient Machine” (Split with Ian Holloway. Tape, AghartA)

2009 Andreas Brandal – “The Familiar Stranger” (CD-R, Small Doses)

2009 Andreas Brandal – “Sad Punchline / Mystery Cliché” (Tape, Fag Tapes)

2009 Andreas Brandal – “Send In the Vultures” (CD-R, Scrape Tapes)

2009 Andreas Brandal – “Blood Will Be Poured Out Into the Dust” (Tape, Phage)

2009 Brandal/Senneseth – “A Walk In the Park” (CD-R, Twilight Luggage)

2009 Drevne Bolesti – “Drevne Bolesti” (CD-R, Zvukovina)

2009 Flesh Coffin – “Leichendiener” (3″ CD-R, Hoarse)

2009 Flesh Coffin – “Respiratory Failure” (CD-R, Kwark)

2009 Flesh Coffin – “Demons In the Mist” (Tape, Narcolepsia)

2009 Flesh Coffin – “Curtains” (CD-R, Twilight Luggage)

2009 Flesh Coffin – Untitled split with Vomir (CD-R, Twilight Luggage)

2009 Hour Of the Wolf – Untitled split with Placenta Lyposuction (CD-R, Twilight Luggage)

2009 Hour Of the Wolf – Untitled split with Strawberry Milkshake (Tape, Parure Records)

2009 Hour Of the Wolf – “I Doubt the World To Be” (CD-R, Zvukovina)

2009 Larmoyant – “Live At Robot” (CD-R, Twilight Luggage)

2009 Torture Gnosis – “Torture Gnosis” (CD-R/MP3, Frequency Thirteen / Twilight Luggage)

2008 Andreas Brandal – “Blunt Force Trauma” (CD-R, Listen To Something Different)

2008 Andreas Brandal – “Insects” (CD-R, Twilight Luggage)

2008 Andreas Brandal – “Gothic Wrench” (MP3-album, Format Noise)

2008 Andreas Brandal – “This Is Not For You” (CD-R, Eh?)

2008 Andreas Brandal – “The Dead Station” (MP3, Twilight Luggage)

2008 Lupus Golem – “Minotaure” (MP3, Twilight Luggage)

2008 Lupus Golem – “Persuaded By the Man Who Ate the Phoenix” (CD-R, Twilight Luggage)

2007 Andreas Brandal – “Little Three” (3″ CD-R, Lona Records)

2005 Andreas Brandal – “Drive Home With A Hammer” (CD, Quasi Pop)

2000 Larmoyant – “Push Here For Tiger” (LP, Smalltown Supersound)

1999 Brandal/Nordvik – “Lie On Superwater” (7″, Smalltown Supersound)

1998 Brandal/Brandsdal – “How To Deal With Evil” (LP, Smalltown Supersound)

1997 Brandal/Russell – “Party Technicians” & “Time=Music / Music=Time” (7″, Smalltown Supersound)

1996 Andreas Brandal – “Better Than Casters” (7″, Polytone)

1995 Andreas Brandal – “Music For Architects” (Cassette, Polytone)

1995 Andreas Brandal – “Tape 2” (Cassette, Polytone)

1994 Andreas Brandal – “Tape 1” (Cassette, Polytone)


2017 Flesh Coffin – “Notes From Chaos: The Two Year Anniversary Show” (File/Podcast)
2016 Andreas Brandal – “Half A Decade of Chrome : Field Hymns Comp Majeure” (2*Tape, Field Hymns”)
2014 Flesh Coffin – “H5N1” (4*CD-R, Toxic Industries)
2013 Andreas Brandal – “Death Season 3” (CD-R, Darker Days Ahead)
2013 Andreas Brandal – “Les Illusions Magnetique” (2 X C60 Tape, Quasi Pop)
2012 Andreas Brandal – “Soinoise Series Vol. 3: Measles” (Download, Soinoise)
2012 Andreas Brandal – “Satanic Panic” (Download, Grimtown Records)
2012 Andreas Brandal – “One Year Of Ilse” (2*CD-R, Ilse)
2012 Andreas Brandal – “Death Season” (CD-R + fanzine, Darker Days Ahead)
2012 Flesh Coffin – “Séance” (2* Tape, Worthless Recordings)
2012 Flesh Coffin – “Atrax Morgue Tribute” (2* Tape, Toxic Industries)
2011 Andreas Brandal – “Menagerie Of Suffering” (Download, Grimtown Records)
2011 Hour Of the Wolf – “HNW” (2*CD-R, Sickcore)
2010 Andreas Brandal – “Winter Solstice 3” (CD-R / Download, Twilight Luggage)
2010 Andreas Brandal – “Owl I” (Download, Owl Eater)
2010 Andreas Brandal – “Brains On Backwash II: Exile On Brain Street” (Tape, 905 Tapes)
2010 Drevne Bolesti – “In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni” (8*CD-R, Zvukovina)
2010 Hour Of the Wolf – “Up Against the Wall, Motherfuckers!” (Tape, Monolithische Aktion)
2010 Hour Of the Wolf – “Eyjafjallajökull” (2*CD-R, Toxic Industries)
2010 Hour Of the Wolf – “Stasis:001” (DVD-R, Stasis)
2010 Lupus Golem – “Summer Solstice 2” (CD-R / Download, Twilight Luggage)
2009 Flesh Coffin – “Winter Solstice 2” (CD-R, Twilight Luggage)
2009 Andreas Brandal – “The Best Of NTNS Radio” (MP3, NTNS Radio)
2009 Andreas Brandal – “Summer Solstice” (CD-R, Twilight Luggage)
2009 Andreas Brandal – “Foot Prints Two” (CD-R, Free Noise)
2009 Hour Of the Wolf – “Harsh Noise Party!” (Mp3, NoiseVomit Webzine)
2008 Andreas Brandal – “Nightmare Concert – A Tribute to Lucio Fulci” (CD-R, Bone Structure)
2008 Andreas Brandal – “Winter Solstice” (CD-R, Twilight Luggage)
2006 Andreas Brandal / Monofilament – “Million Ways To Spend Your Time” (CD, Quasi Pop)
2001 Larmoyant – “Le Jazz Non – A Compilation of Norwegian Noise” (CD, Smalltown Supersound)
1998 Andreas Brandal – “Songs From The Loosing End” (LP, Krank)


2002 Continental Fruit – “Gently Carved Into Sound” (CD-R, Humbug)

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