Flesh Coffin

Flesh Coffin


The project was started in early 2009, and the debut release from Flesh Coffin was a split with the French HNW artist Vomir.

Flesh Coffin on Bandcamp.

Flesh Coffin discography:

2017 Flesh Coffin/Nar – Split (Lathe 7″, Darker Days Ahead)
2016 Flesh Coffin – “Bones In the Cellar” (Files, Self released)
2015 Flesh Coffin – “Black Lakes” (Tape, Imperial Noir)
2014 Flesh Coffin/Winter Ritual – “Concrete Altar” (Tape, La Cohu)
2014 Flesh Coffin/Spermicidal – split (Tape, Idrone Park)
2013 Flesh Coffin – “The Psychotic Bible” (Tape, Worthless Recordings)
2013 Flesh Coffin – “Raise the Dead” (Tape, Prairie Fire)
2013 Flesh Coffin – “Horror Vacui” (Tape, Aaltra)
2013 Flesh Coffin – “Electricity” (Tape, Hair On My Food)
2012 Flesh Coffin – “Chop Chop” (Tape, Sleepy Hollow Editions)
2011 Flesh Coffin – “Return To the Tomb” (CD-R/Download, Darker Days Ahead)
2011 Flesh Coffin – “The Beast Won’t Go To Sleep” (Tape, Lighten Up Sounds)
2011 Flesh Coffin – “Folie à Deux” (CD-R, Dumpster Score)
2011 Flesh Coffin – “Devil Worship In the Slaughterhouse” (Tape, Out Of Body Records)
2011 Flesh Coffin – “Seeing Things” (Tape, No Visible Scars)
2011 Flesh Coffin – “So Much Darkness” (Tape, Jersey Flesh)
2011 Flesh Coffin – “Seven Sermons To the Dead” (2*CD-R, Zvukovina)
2011 Flesh Coffin – “The Horns Of Your Altars” (Tape, Wohrt Records)
2010 Flesh Coffin – “False Memories” (Tape, Turgid Animal)
2010 Flesh Coffin – “Borderland EP” (3″ CD-R, Suck My Guts Records)
2010 Flesh Coffin – “Night Work” (CD-R, Art As Intent)
2010 Flesh Coffin – “In the Woods” (Tape, 2:00AM Tapes)
2010 Flesh Coffin – “Crawling In Chaos” (Tape, Moribund Tree)
2010 Flesh Coffin – “Veil Of Snakes” (CD-R, Abandon Ship Records)
2010 Flesh Coffin – “Headcase” (CD-R, Zvukovina)
2010 Flesh Coffin/Mind Movies – “Little Do they Know” (Tape, Side Of the Sun)
2009 Flesh Coffin – “Leichendiener” (3″ CD-R, Hoarse)
2009 Flesh Coffin – “Respiratory Failure” (CD-R, Kwark)
2009 Flesh Coffin – “Demons In the Mist” (Tape, Narcolepsia)
2009 Flesh Coffin – “Curtains” (CD-R, Twilight Luggage)
2009 Flesh Coffin – Untitled split with Vomir (CD-R, Twilight Luggage)


2014 Flesh Coffin – “H5N1” (4*CD-R, Toxic Industries)
2012 Flesh Coffin – “Séance” (2* Tape, Worthless Recordings)
2012 Flesh Coffin – “Atrax Morgue Tribute” (2* Tape, Toxic Industries)
2009 Flesh Coffin – “Winter Solstice 2″ (CD-R, Twilight Luggage)

Here is a list with links to all the full Flesh Coffin albums currently available for download and/or streaming on the respective labels’ Bandcamp pages.

“Night Work” (Art As Intent 2010)

“Seeing Things” (No Visible Scars 2011)

“Devil Worship In the Slaughterhouse” (Out Of Body Records 2011)

“The Beast Won’t Go To Sleep” (Lighten Up Sounds 2011)

“Return To the Tomb” (Darker Days Ahead 2011)

“Chop Chop” (Sleepy Hollw Editions 2012)

“Raise the Dead” (Prairie Fire 2013)

Some tracks elsewhere:

Track number 3 from the Zvukovina release “Seven Sermons To the Dead”:

5 minute excerpt of the track “Number Three” from “The Horns Of Your Altars” (Wohrt Records):

A long excerpt of the Flesh Coffin track “Crush the Moon” from the album “Night Work” (Pointless Blank/Art As Intent):

The track “II” from the Flesh Coffin tape “Crawling In Chaos” on Moribund Tree:

Vatch a video with a long excerpt of the track “III” from the album “Headcase” here:

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