“The Work of the Spider” on Tabs Out

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Check out the latest episode of the Tabs Out Podcast, including a track from “The Work Of the Spider”, recently released on (and sold out from) Muzan Editions.

Listen HERE.


Collaboration with Continental Fruit out now!

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My first collaboration with Jon Øyvind dates back to the mid nineties, when I did the cover art for his “Taste Like Good EP”. Aside from a guest spot on a track from the brilliant Continental Fruit album “Gently Carved Into Sound” in 2002, this is our first time to release something together.

As far as I know, both “Taste..” and “Gently..” have yet to be available in downloadable form, but the equally great “Mentor Mentee” released on Smalltown Supersound in 2004, can be found on Spotify/Itunes/Tidal etc.

“Andreas Brandal & Continental Fruit” is out now on FRM-AT.

Get it HERE.

Digital “Furnace”

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In my series of digital reissues of old albums, the time has come for “Furnace”, originally released on 2:00AM Tapes in 2010.

This version is remastered and has new cover art. The zip includes full quality front and back cover.

Find it HERE.

And here’s a very favorable review from Terror Magazine.

Collaboration with Continental Fruit

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September 25th will be the release date for my first full length collaboration album with my long time friend Jon Øyvind Lærum aka Continental Fruit.

Check out a couple of tracks, and pre-order the album HERE.

Listen to an interview with FRM-At label owner Phoene Somsavath on Resonance Extra from ATTN:Magazine HERE.

“The Work Of the Spider”

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My new album “The Work Of the Spider” is out now as part of the first batch from the brand new label Muzan Editions, based in Nara, Japan.
The batch also includes tapes by Hegira Moya and Florian von Ameln.

Many thanks to Muzan for including me on their label debut!

Check it out HERE.

Muzan Editions

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Muzan Editions

The fine folks at Muzan Editions describe themselves as “a small label, based in Nara, Japan, focusing on ambient and experimental sound and music”.
Their first batch is being released soon, and I am proud to say that it inludes a new album by yours truly, titled “The Work Of the Spider”.

Follow the label HERE.

Check out excerpts of the new album alongside some excellent sounds from Florian von Ameln and Hegira Moya HERE:


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Symbols flyer

This album was made using glitches and loops mostly derived from recently unearthed recordings made in the early nineties. Old dusty tapes, disintegrating in the basemet for ages meet field recordings, samples from 78 rpm gramophone records with the odd drone and some instrumentation sprinkled on top. A quite bleak affair, where sludgy sounds hiss and squeek their way through the swamp, dragging along broken bones and ghosts found in the mud.
The CD-R version is limited to 40 copies, and comes with a xeroxed zine featuring a visualization of the symbols.
The download includes full quality front and back artwork and a PDF-version of the zine.

Check out the album HERE.