Hidden Persuaders – “Flowers Of the Abyss”

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The new Hidden Persuaders album, titled “Flowers Of the Abyss” is out now on the Slovakian label Sky Burial.

The label says:

“Wind and stars… cold, frost, rain, darkness, snow, trees and panting. Glittering clouds of steam rising from the lake. The lake is far away in the mountains and its surface is as a mirror of black velvet. Without a hint of motion it observes the clouds and slowly, beautifully and symetrically, it bleeds into the skies. The sweetest flavour of forbidden fruit. Long and cold are the nights over Bergen, over the avenue of your trees. The death’s-head moth sits at the ceiling of your room.
 Norwegian musician Andreas Brandal with a nearly 40 minute long material of his ritual project HIDDEN PERSUADERS – a musical collage somewhere between raw black metal/harsh noise/drone with pronounced marching passages – a strong atmospheric album.”

This edition is handmade, with lovely graphic design from Svjatogor, and limited to 49 copies, so act fast if you want one!

Check out one full track and excerpts from four others HERE.

Get the tape HERE.




“Flames and Ether” review

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Andreas Brandal – Flames and Ether

Nooga posted a nice review of “Flames and Ether”.

read it HERE.

“Flames and Ether” on Oxtail Recordings

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My new album “Flames and Ether” is out now on Oxtail Recordings. The label says:

“A master of fractured beauty and exquisite melancholy, Andreas Brandal returns to Oxtail Recordings with “Flames and Ether.” Pushing guitar and percussion to the forefront, Brandal envisions a world where sci-fi and spaghetti western aren’t so different after all. At once a studied piece of studio mastery and a rich, emotional transmission, “Flames and Ether” reaffirms his place as one of the most imaginative auteurs in underground music.”

Listen and order HERE.

“The Land Of Perfect Twilight” out now!

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My new album “The Land Of Perfect Twilight” is out now on Fluere Tapes. The label says:

“An old home making noises, having its own life in lieu with crackling dated electrical wiring buzzing and whirring which tells its own tale.”

Get the album HERE.

Here’s a video:

“Sunken Gardens” reissue

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In my series of digital reissues of old albums, the time has come for “Sunken Gardens”, originally released on Apollolaan Recordings in 2010.

This version is remastered and has new cover art. The zip includes full quality front and back cover.

Find it HERE.

“Primitive Future” in Musique Machine

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Musique Machine has posted a great review of the Jabber Garland album “Primitive Future”, released on Sincope in 2014. Many thanks to Hal Harmon for the kind words.

Read the review HERE.

You can check out the album HERE.

Uvesen review

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Raised by Gypsies has posted a great review of the Uvesen album “III”, released on Arachnidiscs.

You’ll find the review HERE.

You can listen to the album HERE.