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Lupus Golem

Lupus Golem was formed on Walpurgis Night 2006 at the notorious George and Vulture Club, where they also started work on their first album. The club burned down in 2007, possibly as a direct result of one of their performances. It was rebuilt shortly after, and serves today as the town slaughterhouse. After a hiatus, meetings were resumed at the members’ homes. The recordings were finished in the nearby catacombs.

Lupus Golem are investigating how the human nervous system is affected by sound, they were led to conceive the existence of new forces allied to electricity, magnetism, and heat, forces which they found to be radiated by most substances, and to the influence of which different persons are variously sensitive. Later researches show much of Lupus Golem’s work to be of the same nature as that previously described by Franz Mesmer, and before Mesmer’s time by Swedenborg.

To the layman, Lupus Golem’s sound can best be described as a mentally disabled, bastard son of Khanate and Skullflower, raised in a dark and cold dungeon by Keiji Haino’s grandmother and Derek Bailey’s ghost, trying to scrape his way out of a sarcophagus.

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“The more chaotic I am, the more complete I am.”
– Austin Osman Spare

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