You’ll find a selection of full albums for streaming and download on my Bandcamp page.

Various samples from other albums here:

“Border” from the tape “Furnace” out on 2:00AM Tapes:

A track called “A Premonition” from “Into Thin Air” on Sweat Lodge Guru:

A track called “Crunch” from the tape “Underground” on Rotifer Cassettes:

A long excerpt of the Flesh Coffin track “Crush the Moon” from the album “Night Work” (Pointless Blank/Art As Intent):

The second track from my album “Jernvognen” released on Tape Drift:

A track from my tape “Secrets Of the Snow” on Stunned Records. It’s called “A Flashlight Through the Woods”:

The track “II” from the Flesh Coffin tape “Crawling In Chaos” on Moribund Tree:

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