Cover art for the first Avmakt release. Photo by Cole Peters.

Avmakt is a project dedicated to walls of harsh noise. The debut release for Avmakt was a self titled C32 tape on the Canadian label Stasis, who describes it like this:

With his latest project, Avmakt, Brandal takes the extreme HNW sounds present in his Hour of the Wolf recordings, and melds them with incredibly tactile moments of tense/harsh ambience, all of it steeped in old Norwegian folklore – think the Black Plague, not Vikings.

Avmakt on Bandcamp

Read a review of the debut tape HERE.







2015 Avmakt – “Skumring” (Tape, Audio Arts)
2015 Avmakt – “Daudingar” (CD-R, Darker Days Ahead)
2014 Avmakt/Nar – “Eskapisme” (CD-R, Self-released)
2014 Avmakt – “Vardøger” (3″ CD-R, Debila)
2012 Avmakt – “Kadaver” (CD-R/Tape, Zvukovina)
2011 Avmakt – “Svart” (CD-R, Anarcho Freaks Production)
2010 Avmakt – “Eitre” (CD-R, Suprematist Records)
2010 Avmakt – s/t (Tape, Stasis)

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