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Uvesen review

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Raised by Gypsies has posted a great review of the Uvesen album “III”, released on Arachnidiscs.

You’ll find the review HERE.

You can listen to the album HERE.

Uvesen review in Musique Machine

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The latest Uvesen album is reviewed in Musique Machine:

“…Listening to it, I couldn’t help but imagine being trapped on a  barren wasteland with the mysterious sounds on III carrying me in and out of consciousness like a sonic mirage…”

Read the full review HERE.

Guest from chaos

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I have made a contribution to the Guests From Chaos podcast. Tracks from various solo, duo and trio-projects I’ve been involved in.

Uvesen in Tiny Mixtapes

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Uvesen - III

Uvesen – III

Tiny Mixtapes has posted an interesting review of the new Uvesen-album:

“…During the dawn phenomenon, these wafting smashes of idioms were haunting. III operates during those hours, in those haunted halls, where idiom is mangled, made hideous, and extinguished….”

Read the whole review HERE.

Uvesen “III” out today!

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Uvesen III: Encased in plaster for your safety.

Uvesen III: encased in plaster for your safety.

The new Uvesen album, titled “III” is officially released today. It’s out on the Canadian label Arachnidiscs Recordings, and here’s what the label says:

“Uvesen is a Norwegian duo of percussionist Børre Myklebust and the highly prolific Andreas Brandal who has been releasing challenging and transcendental music since 1994, racking up hundreds of releases over several projects. With Uvesen the two embark upon free-improv psych experimentation of the highest order. Deep majick drones and wild aural landscapes. Abstract, percussive textures and bowed strings mingle with wild freak-folk dances and expansive electric guitar.”

For more information, pictures, preview streaming and to order, go HERE.