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Hidden Persuaders – “Flowers Of the Abyss”

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The new Hidden Persuaders album, titled “Flowers Of the Abyss” is out now on the Slovakian label Sky Burial.

The label says:

“Wind and stars… cold, frost, rain, darkness, snow, trees and panting. Glittering clouds of steam rising from the lake. The lake is far away in the mountains and its surface is as a mirror of black velvet. Without a hint of motion it observes the clouds and slowly, beautifully and symetrically, it bleeds into the skies. The sweetest flavour of forbidden fruit. Long and cold are the nights over Bergen, over the avenue of your trees. The death’s-head moth sits at the ceiling of your room.
 Norwegian musician Andreas Brandal with a nearly 40 minute long material of his ritual project HIDDEN PERSUADERS – a musical collage somewhere between raw black metal/harsh noise/drone with pronounced marching passages – a strong atmospheric album.”

This edition is handmade, with lovely graphic design from Svjatogor, and limited to 49 copies, so act fast if you want one!

Check out one full track and excerpts from four others HERE.

Get the tape HERE.




“Elegies and Curses” in Musique Machine

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Hidden Persuaders - Elegies and Curses

Hidden Persuaders – Elegies and Curses

Musique Machine has posted a great review of the Hidden Persuaders album “Elegies and Curses”:

“…Elegies and Curses unfolds like a series of funeral dirges, focused and bleak….ritualistic death marches carrying fallen souls from earth to the darkest realms of Hades…”

Read the full review HERE.

“Elegies and Curses” on Tome list

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Many thanks to Tome To The Weather Machine for including “Elegies and Curses” on their top 50 of 2015 list!

Check it out HERE.


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AGF_Hidden Persuaders_04

“Elegies and Curses”

A Closer Listen has picked øjeRums fantastic artwork for “Elegies and Curses” as one of the best album covers of 2015.

Check it out HERE.

Guest from chaos

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I have made a contribution to the Guests From Chaos podcast. Tracks from various solo, duo and trio-projects I’ve been involved in.

“Elegies and Curses” in Black Metal & Brews

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Black Metal & Brews has posted a great review of the Hidden Persuaders album “Elegies and Curses”, released by A Giant Fern earlier this year.

“…In the future, music may resemble chewed up and oddly regurgitated versions of the sounds we know today. I feel that Hidden Persuaders has already taken a glance or two at what that may look like…”

Read the full review HERE.

“The Privilege Of Madness” video premiere

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The Portuguese magazine Ultaje has premiered a video for “The Privilege Of Madness” from the Hidden Persuaders album “Elegies and Curses”. Many thanks to the filmmakers Deli Gleba and Gil Delindro!

Screenshot from "The Privilege Of Madness"

Screenshot from “The Privilege Of Madness”

Check out the video HERE.