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Bulletproof Socks

Posted in News, Reviews with tags on March 30, 2018 by andreasbrandal

The blog Bulletproof Socks has posted a nice writeup on some of my stuff, and included a couple of links to old out of print releases.

Check it out HERE.

Flesh Coffin split lathe with Nar

Posted in News, Sounds with tags on October 20, 2017 by andreasbrandal


A new seven-inch lathe split between Flesh Coffin and the mysterious Nar is out now on the Minneapolis based label Darker Days Ahead.

Here’s what the label says:

Darker Days Ahead is very excited to announce our very first lathe release, and what better way than with a split 7’’. First up is the mysterious unrelenting harsh noise wall project Nar. This elusive misanthropic project unleashes an unforgiving track entitled “Unresponsive” of unmovable HNW in such a cold way, the entire track moves along with little to no change almost sounding like a never ending avalanche, ending in a lock groove for infinite playback. Flip side we have Norway native Flesh Coffin which is one of the main projects of Andreas Brandal. “The Excavation of Transgression” is a 5 minute composition starting off with an eerie vintage sounding Halloween inspired soundtrack bleeding over to ambient undertones and harsh noise textures. Deep distortion climbs through the speakers as high screeching metal is ground up to dust.

Check it out HERE.

Notes From Chaos anniversary show

Posted in News, Sounds with tags on October 2, 2017 by andreasbrandal

The podcast Notes From Chaos, where I did a guest spot a while back, celebrates it’s two year anniversary with a show containing unreleased and exclusive tracks particular for this episode.

Among a bunch of great stuff, you’ll find a brand new Flesh Coffin track here:

Flesh Coffin EP “20:06”

Posted in News, Sounds with tags on April 27, 2017 by andreasbrandal

The two tracks on “20:06” were originally released on a split tape with Spermicidal on Idrone Park in 2014.

This version contains new artwork. Art for the original tape was made by Apes Of Doom, and can be viewed HERE.

Stream or download “20:06” HERE.

“Black Lakes” review

Posted in News, Reviews with tags on June 23, 2016 by andreasbrandal
Flesh Coffin - Black Lakes

Flesh Coffin – Black Lakes

Musique Machine has posted a very nice review of the Flesh Coffin tape “Black Lakes”, released in Imperial Noir last year:

“…Sometimes, one of the greatest praises is simply wishing there was more of something, and here I do wish there was more of Black Lakes…”

Read the full review HERE.

Flesh Coffin update

Posted in News, Sounds, Video with tags on June 18, 2016 by andreasbrandal


The Flesh Coffin Bandcamp has been updated with a bunch of new stuff, including an album titled “Bones In the Cellar”, a collection of unreleased tracks from the last 5 years.

Check it out HERE.

Flesh Coffin/Spermicidal split review

Posted in News, Reviews with tags on January 6, 2016 by andreasbrandal

Flesh Coffin/Spermicidal

Memory Wave Transmission has posted a great review of the Flesh Coffin/Spermicidal split from 2014.

Check it out HERE.