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Andreas Brandal – Shipwrecks

Andreas Brandal – “Shipwrecks” C60 tape (Licht Und Stahl, 2010)

From the label:

From subtile organic drones to dramatic harshness. “Shipwrecks” is a very skillful blend of post-industrial soundworks, perfectly illustrating the title of the album.
Limited edition of 50 numbered copies.


Connexion Bizarre:

Andreas Brandal “Shipwrecks”
Cassette, Licht & Stahl, 2010

Side A on this deep red plastic tape starts with sounds which hold the middle in between musique concréte and fluxus. For those in the dark, this means sounds recorded with (contact)microphones of an unknown origin and it’s not really obvious or clear if they are manipulated or very well executed and recorded. These sounds are as the side of the tape continues (a total of 5 tracks are on the index-card) combined with dark layering and further towards the end with subtle yet intrusive feedback sounds. The reverse side opens with with the threatening “Echo Poem” which will appeal to :zoviet.france: adepts as well as routine listeners of ‘power ambient’. Even a sort of melody/rhythmic structure is added in here and acoustic guitar enters the composition in track 2, “1872″ where the combination with a pregnant feedback sound creates a tension leaving you undecided between ‘eew!’ and ‘aaahhhh …’. And it keeps on getting creepier and creepier when the layers evolve and the guitar tunes gets more complex. The total buildup from the tracks isn’t too different from each other but the combination of layering drones and contact-sounds or field-recordings is consistently and very very well executed. Worth porting to CD without any doubt. [7.5/10] – Bauke van der Wal


Club Debil:

Andreas Brandal – Shipwrecks (MC, Licht & Stahl)

This Mc starts with the sound of someone cleaning his hobby room. Scratchy noises, a dove coos in the back and a fine drony melody, that is joined by a darker, deeper soundlayer. But then the sound turns more the way the title purpots: deep dieses engine rhytms, slightly distorted braking of waves, signal horns… We’re on sea. Then it get’s a little more quiet, sounds like on a sailing ship, still the waves break and the sound of horns is all around.
On side two of this MC the sea gets a little rougher, it sounds like if we’re entered Arctic sea – illustrrated by cold and slowly rolling drones. Then the mood changes to more bright born by a exotic melody loop. After a while it turns back to sea noises added by metal objects sounds like on a building site. At the end a easy guitar loop is added to a light drone and some moody samples in the background.
All together a nice, more quiet album full of skilfully pimped up Drone Ambient.



Andreas Brandal – Shipwrecks

Despite the fact that this musician plays for more than 15 years already, my first acquaintance with him was this tape. A rather interesting one. This cassette, released in the beginning of 2010 via Licht und Stahl label in a small edition of 50, truly draws your attention. The record starts from field recordings – sound of metal, glass, soft rattle of matters, some fabric being torn apart and so on while you hear innocent and slightly anxious synth notes, sounding from the distance – the preparation (also the title of the first track) is done. This and the second track were the weaker link in the album for me. Field recordings, together with instruments and melodies somehow didn’t create compelling atmosphere and it seemed more like random scratching of things and hunt for appropriate sounds. But from the third track it’s really high quality stuff. Symbolic title of the track – “Things Fall into Places”. Sounds goes together very well – noisier monumental episodes with calmer loops, synths and distant field recordings… You can hear the wash of the waves, clatter of birds in the distance and through monotonous loops or instrumental lines, attention is being drawn straight to the background. Monotonously bleak (in a good sense) lines of sound highlights the concept and picturesqueness of the album. B side starts in a colder manner than the first one. Sound, at first abstract and distant, finally start to take form. Furthermore, the album gets lighter though doesn’t loose its intangibility and doesn’t become just an amorphous jumble of sounds while it develops to a rather noisy process of decay of the ship. Ain’t these references to Mary Celeste in the track? Then perhaps this thought is rendered through the whole album? Though I haven’t found any clear hints about it, but I could guess about it. The tape ends with such a track that this album from good becomes very good. Absolutely minimalistic means – loop of guitar and synth, playing one note with distant touches of field recordings, but this is the track that I’d repeat and repeat over and over again. If it wouldn’t be a tape and I wouldn’t need to rewind it all over again, this track could be a terrific soundtrack of calm, nostalgic nights. This album is really special. Yearning, melancholy, menace and fear are so closely related with each other in this album that after listening to it for some time, you start to think that not the shipwrecks are the most important, but the ruins that are inside yourself. Still being washed by the sea of blood. Just tired birds of thoughts stops to rest on the ruins for short periods of time.


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