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Avmakt - s/t

Avmakt – s/t

Avmakt – s/t C32 tape (Stasis, 2010)

Label presentation:

AVMAKT – s/t
C32, edition of 30

Andreas Brandal is, in this label’s opinion, one of the most innovative and impassioned noise artists working today. His name is associated with more than a few projects, spanning the gamut from subdued drone and ambience to overwhelming walls of harsh noise.

With his latest project, Avmakt, Brandal takes the extreme HNW sounds present in his Hour of the Wolf recordings, and melds them with incredibly tactile moments of tense/harsh ambience, all of it steeped in old Norwegian folklore – think the Black Plague, not Vikings. Presented entirely in Nynorsk, an official but not oft-spoken language of Norway.

I am absolutely thrilled to be releasing this recording. Truly involving and filled with an amazing amount of subtle details, Andreas has crafted yet another stunning release.


Foxy Digitalis:

Avmakt tape

Andreas Brandal is, to my ears, the best artist operating in the noise/experimental genre today. Given his vast harsh noise discography with multiple projects, including Flesh Coffin, Hour of the Wolf, and Museums of Sleep (a collaboration with Stasis label head Cole Peters), it never ceases to amaze me how focused, strong, and consistent his output has been. This tape easily continues that trend. Avmakt is a pure minimalist harsh ambient exploration of new avenues of true suffering. The two tracks, “Armod” (Poverty) and “Gru” (Horror), compliment each other well – leading the listener from shuffling greys to jackboot-in-the-face blackouts. Brandal is so skilled at creating a particular atmosphere that even before I had made an attempt to translate the track titles for their original Nynorsk, I had a complete understanding of each track. “Armod” has no build – no beginning, no end. No peaks, no crescendos – nothing… it simply just is. It is the underlying static rumble of low level chaos that is just enough to oppress but allows you to enough headspace to reflect on why you deserve your pain as well as experiencing it…thus creating a space of double punishment. As grim and desperate as it is, the A-side is the calm before the storm. On the flip, “Gru,” Brandal unleashes a creeping pollution of thought and deed so weighty and massive, air becomes heavy and time slows. These walls are of violence, torment, and of wishing, pleading, screaming for an end that will not come. The 30 minutes presented here will be both difficult and beautiful – necessary listening.

9/10 — Chris Jacques (18 August, 2010)


Musique Machine:

Avmakt – Self Titled [Stasis – 2010]

This self titled c30 was the first release from Andreas Brandal’s (Flesh coffin, Hour Of the Wolf, Drevne Bolesti, and Museums of Sleep) Avmakt project that brews up a dark and nasty mixture of HNW, junk metal elements and dark noise textures. This tape came out last year on Cole Peters(of Gomeisa & Museums of Sleep) Stasis label.

The cassette comes in a pro-printed black and white sleeve that features on the front a picture of women with her head in her hands, and clearly she’s deeply upset and in a very troubled state which fits perfectly the dark sonic turmoil of the two side long tracks that are on offer here.

Side ones track is entitled “Armod” and it finds Brandal summoning up a dark, battered and nasty track which mixers together bleak cluttering, juddering and battering noise tone together. The track moves from full and seared walls of dark tone, onto raging and layered HNW and junk textures, onto sputtering and stop/start structures which unveil troubled junk noise under-folds.

Side twos track is entitled “Gru” and it starts out with a twenty seconds or so of creepy door shuttings, eerier backward tape reeling’s and unsettling silence. Then the track explodes into a seared boil ‘n’ battering wall of thick noise that has slight eerier yet enraged junk metal elements sailing through it. As the track goes on the thick pitch black sonic mixture seesaws between: blown-out black rain hammering, roaring and roasting storm noise dwells, rusty tonal judderings and crusty/grainy textural jitters. For some reason it brings to my mind an unsettling, juddering, and dangerous ride on aged roller-coaster as a black storm rages and batters around you.

So this C30 offers up two side long tracks of dark, shifting and unsettling noise matter that dips down in HNW, junk metal and violent/ blackly curdled noise matter. It’s another rewarding release and project from Brandal, and I look forward to seeing what he does next with this project.

Rating: 4 out of 5 (Roger Batty)


Terror magazine:

Avmakt – Avmakt

Avmakt is the first Andreas Brandal release under this name (he is also responsible for Hour of the Wolf, Flesh Coffin and several other projects, oriented more or less towards drone and harsh noise wall). This debut tape and the following Avmakt releases are such weird musical constructions that it’s almost impossible to describe them in limits of one musical style. What is this? Wall? Noise? Processed field recordings? Junk noise? Perhaps a subtle mix of everything that I’ve listed plus oppressive, gloomy atmosphere. I’d say very weird record and it’s a pity that only 30 copies were released. On each side of the tape – approximately 15 minutes of sounds. While listening to Armod (poverty) I was rather surprised. The record suddenly interrupts, becomes silent, sound is worsened, passed through distortion several dozens of times or something like that and sound ranges goes to hardly audible crackles etc. etc. At first I was to blame my equipment, but listening more to this tape, it became clear that it’s the main idea. Several rather heavily compressed layers of crunching filth… There are places where clanging metal sounds or varying noise layers are heard in the distance, but these are just minimal details that are soon sunk under the statics, but at the same time they are extremely important. All in all, the bigger part of side A is filled with flowing harsh noise wall that associates with the sounds of the sea. The track on side B is called Gru (horror). It starts from squeaking of the opening doors and, it seems, the equipment being connected. I liked Gru much more than the track on side A. Avmakt stays at unchanging sounds in such places that are most painful and unexpected. At the same time he changes the structure of the track under these static sounds and adds other sound layers. That is not that far from harsh noise wall either, but I couldn’t call it just that. Dark and abysmal track. Movement of sound layers, if you get into them, puts you into rather uncomfortable mood. There are more variations on this side, more weird ambient and droney moments, undefined hums or whistles that pass through the walls of noise. And overall this side of tape is somewhat ghostly. Interesting release that goes far beyond harsh noise wall stylistics, diluting it with ambient and junk noise.


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