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Andreas Brandal – Counterparts

Andreas Brandal – “Counterparts” Tape (Goldtimers, 2011)

Label presentation:

“Andreas awakens sounds that gather strength in dark woods. Staring eyes that appear past the fires glow. A four legged shadow cast on trees. Our Counterparts are mad and beautiful.”


Foxy Digitalis:

Andreas Brandal, “Counterparts” tape
November 10, 2011
By Dave Miller

Man, Brandal’s yet another one of those busy artists that seem to have a countless and limitless supply of releases. Here’s his latest from Goldtimers. Putting his first thoughts on tape back in 1994 and 1995, he didn’t seem to really produce (or at least get his creations released) until 2005 or so. But in the last two or three years this guy’s been a machine, just cranking them out. Honestly, I never really paid much attention to him until recently, but what I’ve heard has definitely left an impression on me. In my opinion, he’s a leader in his musical field. I feel like most artists are interested in one of two things: either to float you on up to cloud nine with some blissed out drones or to grow a grim garden festering with dread in the pit of your gut with some menacing doom and uncomfortable noise. Brandal isn’t really interested in pigeonholing himself into either category. Rather, he carves out his own niche. His style consists of some real psychedelic zoners, along with some threatening loops, and unsettling unaccounted for sounds. On the one hand, these tracks are anything but the stuff nightmares are made of, but on the other hand, they aren’t completely harmless either. Brandal gives you just enough tinge of darkness to get your attention. In addition to the scratchy or speckled noise, even the solid tonal drones seem pregnant with something that’s just not right. There’s trepidation in the vibration or the intensity that doesn’t let you calm down. At the same time, it’s usually so repetitive that the looming noise gets lost in entrancing meditation. It’s there for some harmless brain play, not to beat you with a spiked bat. That’s Brandal’s magick touch. Seven tracks to love. It’s all dressed to the nines too like the rest of the slick new Goldtimer’s batch: clean and neat and white. (8/10)


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