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Torture Gnosis – Torture Gnosis

Torture Gnosis – “Torture Gnosis” CD-R. An unlimited version in a plastic sleeve, and a digipak version with a different cover, limited to 50 copies. (Freq 13/Twilight Luggage, 2009)

Torture Gnosis is a duo consisting of Andreas Brandal and Dave Obm. On this self-titled debut album you get a unique blend of True Sheffield Black Psychedelia, and experimental weirdness from the deep, cold woods of Norway. 10 tracks that offer all the creepy moods, weirdness and chaos you’d expect from such a collaboration. Andreas is from Bergen, Norway, and co-runs Twilight Luggage. Dave is from Sheffield, England and co-runs the Frequency Thirteen label.

The album is a split release between the two labels. It will be available in 2 different CD-R versions: An unlimited version in a plastic sleeve, and a digipak version with a different cover, limited to 50 copies. These are available from Frequency Thirteen. The album also comes as a free download available from Twilight Luggage.

Review from Crucial Blast:

It wasn’t until late last year that I was turned on to the whole “True Sheffield Black Psychedelia” sound that has grown up around the Frequency Thirteen label and it’s stable of mutant psychedelic kosmiche black metal; I had been hearing about this stuff for a while, and finally had a chance to check out a bunch of the bands on Frequency Thirteen through JR over at Public Guilt. It wasn’t long before I became hooked on the stuff, especially the distorted blackened doom ambience of Ice Bound Majesty and the awesome blackened krautrock of Dukkha (both of which are also featured in this weeks new arrivals list). Took awhile to finally get these discs in stock here, but we now have most of the available titles that Frequency Thirteen has released, including their newest disc, a new full length from a mysterious band called Torture Gnosis.
There isn’t very much information out there on Torture Gnosis. All I know is that it’s a duo made up of Dave Obm and Andreas Brandal; Obm is the guy behind the Frequency Thirteen label and a member of some of the bands on the label, and Brandal is from Norway and runs the electronic label Twilight Luggage. Together as Torture Gnosis, they perform a kind of harsh, abstract industrial black metal cosmic free jazz, and this self titled debut drags you through a strange landscape of creepy electronics, violent free-improv, grating industrial noise, brutal blasts of blackened weirdness, and clusters of lush kosmiche synthesizer. You can definitely hear some of that weirdo black psych in here, especially on the third track, where looped blastbeats cycle endlessly underneath a cyclone of electronic noises and roaring, glitched-out distortion, and on the fifth track (none of ’em are titled) where they create a vast field of crushing blackened drone, heavily distorted synths and pitch-black orchestral maneuvers. But on other tracks, Torture Gnosis go for an almost entirely electronic sound, with thick layers of droning synthesizer and electronicn flutter and flute like tones drifting through vast empty spaces, or generating thunderous waves of resonant prayer-bowl thrum and clanking metal. Much of the music on here reminds me of both Wolf Eyes and Throbbing Gristle and that sort of abstract rhythmic noise, and some of the more industrial-tinged krautrock and space music from the 70’s. The dark spacey synth drones that Torture Gnosis whips up are definitely reminiscent of the sounds of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, but they surround these shadowy melodious clouds with bizarre spurts of sputtering blastbeats, dubby beats and free jazz drumming, black ambience and the sounds of metal pipes and steel sheeting collapsing. Very weird and very cool, if you’ve been digging the other releases that Frequency Thirteen has been putting out you won’t want to miss this.

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