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Lupus Golem – Persuaded By the Man Who Ate the Phoenix

Lupus Golem – “Persuaded By the Man Who Ate the Phoenix” CD-R limited to 50 copies in a numbered DVD case. Contains a small bag of real wolfs hair. (Twilight Luggage, 2008)

Review from Cracked:

Lupus Golem – “Persuaded By the Man Who Ate the Phoenix”

Anciodivinophagie is a psychotic sickness whose main symptom is the desire to devour ancient divinities or at least legendary mythological beasts. It is an ugly way to spend your time because first of all monsters and ancient gods are hard to come by in our days of interactive mobile online solutions and twentyfour hour commercial newscasts. Second, and that is worse, any kind of error leads to terrible consequences, because on the one hand nobody likes to be eaten, even if by a misunderstanding, and on the other hand, the desired effect of transferring godlike powers to your own physical existence is of course nil. If I could chose a superpower it would probably be the ability to make things invisible including myself. Yeah, I am a greedy bastard. If they can’t see it, how can they tell I am shoplifting? Time trave is a pain in the ass, by the way, and laser beams out of your eyes is not half as cool in real life as it looks in the comics.

It is now your turn to decide which parts of this paragraph are made up. Next it is your turn to do the Rorschach test hidden in the cover of this record. And then tell me how a three piece band whose major past time is to relentlessy bang on their instruments in a harsh and steady and stubborn way can be so goddamn good? It is not the droning, because even though their three longish avant rock pieces sound like free form guitar noise during the first round, the steady crashing cymbals and drums are to tight and rockish to allow the trancelike abduction of mindpower that is essential of good drone. A close by effect is achieved by the power of volume alone, but that is not it. It is also not the mix of Skullflower size of sound and Melvins like heaviness that makes you sit back and wonder about how actually really loud noise is metamorphised into adrenaline in your brain. And it definitely is not the DVD package this CD-R comes in, because I don care for that.

Maybe it is just that these three tracks that make up “persuaded by the man who ate the phoenix” show are a document of a one day romp through a Norwegian home studio that despite the lacking sound quality of the recording (not that I would care for that either, but I know there are some readers out there who can tell the difference between the soundboards that have been used in a studio by listening to 192kbp decoded mp3s on their hyper-pods in a crowded train) documents the unabridged and burning energy that avant rock is able to spew. Usually this kind of spark is limited to the few people banging and crashing in the rehearsal space, but then other artists have built a career on this. A small-sized, underground career that brought them record reviews in Wire magazine or on websites like this one, but still enough to eke out a living.
For fourty minutes “persuaded by…” diludes the listener into liking the sound of crashing drums, feedbacking guitars and distortion pedals, once in slow motion and two times a little more upspeed, though the word is wrong because the speed-part may make people thing of velocity. Lupus Golem stand for a monster that is stomping and destroying not furiosly attacking and then leaving again quickly (by the way, this was the worst thing about the US remake of Godzilla, that the monster was big and fast at the same time.) The third strike play a little more with effect pedals, but it is still the same tactical approach: pound, pound, pound until they finally give in. Enjoy.

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