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Hour Of the Wolf – I Doubt the World To Be

Hour Of the Wolf – “I Doubt the World To Be” CD-R in slipcase, limited to 30 copies. Comes with a sticker and A4 poster. (Zvukovina, 2009)
Review from Heathen Harvest:

Review contributed by: Viktorya

Artist: Hour of the Wolf Norway

Title: I Doubt The World To Be

Label: Zvukovina Bosnia and Herzegovina

Genre: Harsh Noise

Track Listing:

01 Part One
02 Part Two

I Doubt The World To Be is the debut from Norway’s’ Hour Of The Wolf released through Zvukovina in 2009. The man behind Hour Of The Wolf is Andreas Brandal, who has been releasing music with various projects and bands since the late 80’s. The list includes KRAFFT, Museums of Sleep, Drevne Bolesti, Flesh Coffin and Larmoyant just to name a few. Besides finding time to create his own music, Andreas Brandal also releases music through his label Twilight Luggage. While only two tracks are recorded here they are an undeniable example of harsh noise wall electronics.

“Part One” starts off with intermittent static. For seventeen minutes we are deluged with crushing waves of noise. At times effects are united with static and field recordings. At other times the din is almost painful, with its relentless barrage of sound. “Part Two” continues the theme, but this time it’s less of an attack and more of a subtle intrusion. In fact for the most the effects played make it sound like rainfall. Like “Part One” it’s a lengthy study in sound (again close to 15 minutes), but this time it seems to be less anarchy and more of a thought out idea.

Hour Of The Wolf proves to be another challenging project that Andreas Brandal entices us with. There are moments when even as a listener it’s hard not to just take the headphones off and walk away ( yes, it can be that loud, excruciating and hair splitting). The challenge to us is what is it that the artist is trying to convey. Is it the painful reality that he’s trying to show us? Or maybe the unrelenting realness of war, misery, hate and one’s aloneness? Maybe that’s the idea, seeing one’s reality for what it is (warts and all) and not trying to paint a pretty picture to cover it. While there’s beauty in fantasy sometimes the harshness of reality reminds us that it’s a rather short life, and better to be a part of that than to live within a false consciousness of our surroundings.

Review from Musique Machine:

Hour of The Wolf – I Doubt The World To Be [Zvukovina – 2009]

“I Doubt The World To Be” is the first (walled) sonic fruits of Norwegian noisemaker & grim mood setters Andreas Brandal (Flesh Coffin,Drevne Bolesti, KRAFFT , Larmoyant, Lupus Golem, Monofilament, Nullpluss, Torture Gnosis, and joint Twilight Luggage label runner) new project. The disc offers up two near on 20 minute slices of thick, crunching yet often active & brutally enjoyable HWN.

First up we have “Part One” which opens up all guns blazing with a selection of thick & rapid crunching tones & static hissers that Brandal nicely engulfs you in. When I’ve played the track on my mp3 player the cenrtral tone sounds quite like sped-up staples abuse; but with better headphones it sounds more crunching static like with a slight under hint of rapid staple firing. As the tracks burns & drills on Brandal keeps it nicely active & crunchily jittering in it’s feel with the tones burning & ripping along with each other; yet it never losers it’s thick un-penetrable wall feel. “Part Two” is less thick & engulfing in it’s feel & it finds Brandal rolling out a looped water in a pipe hypnotic roar as the central tone. On top of this tone he this adds other random static drifts & bobs, that drift & rip into sonic sight ever so often. On the whole the tracks less in your face & almost soothing, yet it’s still brutal & wall like in it’s intent.

Another very interesting & rewarding project from Brandal this time showing his talent for crunching, shifting & rewarding HWN. Very worthy of your time if like me you’ve become somewhat of a wall addict of late, as this is very nicely done example of the genre. But I advise quick action as this is only ltd to 30 copies with the Cdr also comes with a small poster & stickers…to find out more drop by here.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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