CD / CD-R » Flesh Coffin – Veil Of Snakes

Flesh Coffin - Veil Of Snakes

Flesh Coffin – Veil Of Snakes

Flesh Coffin – “Veil Of Snakes” CD-R (Abandon Ship Records, 2010)

From the label:

“Andreas Brandal, of Norway, has been making music since the late 80’s, and it shows. Over the last three years, he has been extremely productive, releasing albums through a variety of labels including his own, Twilight Luggage. On Veil of Snakes his handiwork is extremely refined and calculated…no wankery to be found here. It’s easily the darkest release Abandon Ship Records has released to date. The perfectly layered tones and samples demonstrate his knack for complete control, maintaining a driving force throughout the album. It is a masterpiece, and I am truly honored to make it available to you all.”

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