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Flesh Coffin – Seven Sermons To the Dead

Flesh Coffin – “Seven Sermons To the Dead” 2*CD-R (Zvukovina, 2011)


Noise Admiration:

Flesh Coffin – Seven Sermons to the Dead (Zvukovina 2011)

Everything starts with the sampled voice of Carl Gustav Jung saying: we know nothing on man – far too little – his psyche should be studied – because we are the origin of all coming evil. And this is the most appropriate starting point for one of the most remarkable, intense and poetic releases this year. It is appropriate, because the whole composition seems to be based on an pseudepigraphic text by Carl Gustav Jung called “Septem Sermones ad Mortuos” (“Seven Sermons to the Dead”) written in the year 1916 after his break with Sigmund Freud. This cryptic, gnostic and desperate text contains Carl Gustav Jung’s theory of the soul in nuce; it seems to be a very short version of Jung’s famous “Red book”. When you try to cross-reference Carl Gustav Jung’s text with Brandal’s FLESH COFFIN music, it should be clear, that the composition Seven Sermons to the Dead will be the most impressive, thoughtful and consistant composition of nocturnal sounds this year.

During the masterly designed 90 minutes and its 7 Tracks Brandal sends the attentive listener on a gnostic journey of the soul through all known dichotomies of the human mind: fullness and emptiness, the effective and the ineffective, the living and the dead, light and dark, hot and cold, energy and matter, time and space, good and evil, the beautiful and the ugly, the one and the many, to reach Unity – Pleroma – Nothingness. So it is only natural that Brandal’s compostion is full of tension, expressivity and sudden explosions, since it is nothing else than a giant complexio oppositorum – a coincidence of opposites. To say it in the words which were printed on the 4 bookmarks which belong to this 2 CD set: in all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.

You should listen to this pitch black requiem on headphones at night. Only on headphones you will admire and discover all the details Brandal has put in this music. And only on headphones you will get the impression to be in the Kugelauditorium (Spheric Concert Hall) in Osaka during the World Exposition 1970; or to listen to a really dark, distorted, diabolic and sometimes anarchic re-invention of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s octophonic cosmic music. But Brandal is far away from Stockhausen’s obsession of a pre-established cosmic harmony Brandal’s music is situated at the very dark crossing of drone, noise and the best extreme electronic and experimental music. On his blog Brandal has called this unique branding of music: harsh-noise-junk-metal-muddy-drones-cutup-horror-weirdness. When you take the challenge of this uncanny journey into the depths of your own tiny soul, you will experience it yourself. When you take this challenge your soul will be cleansed by a giant noise-shower full of terror, silence and beauty.

During this 90 minutes Brandal uses all possibilities of extreme electronic music (using sometimes real drums , very distorted guitars, the sound of water, shattering glass or sampled xylophons) letting the attentive listener constantly floating between heaven and earth, time and space. This music is like a sonic action painting, or like one of Arnulf Rainer’s overpaintings, since this music is constantly moving, changing its texture, its volume, its density, its appearance and its colours. The music is breathing, exploding, pulsating, shifting expanding, droning and sometimes melting and glowing, or reduced to one very high tone. And sometimes there is light. Eternal silence and eternal darkness probably awaits you, but there will be no allmighty father, who is waiting for you. Your soul will never find a place to rest, since your ashes will be blown apart by a cosmic windchannel. Sometimes it is like listening to the sound of rotating planets or like listening to a choir exploding angels. Or is this the birth/death sound of a new universe? A giant sonic supernova ? Or is it the performance of dark ritual ? Or is it a very deep meditation ?

Maybe death is nothing else but reverse birth – like on El Greco’s famous painting The Entombment of Count Orgaz (1588). Listening to the Seven Sermons will be like Walter Reed described it a few years ago: between my eye sockets is where i will build my sky rocket you don’t need any passport all you need is thought suddenly the soul becomes like hot coal a flame blow from out my brain hole like an volcano the brain begins to process as i start my conquest from out the physical bondage the thought launches voyaging 144 billion light years through the shadows of your imagination i feel myself getting older -sitting on a sofa in the position like yoga … And during the final passage of this marvellous 2 CD-r’s you will almost feel like a tibetan monk standing on the top of the world with a soundbowl in his hands, totally cleansed after casting off body/mind, only waiting for a wind to make his soundbowl tremble and finally make peace with life and death. The highest possible recommendation for Flesh Coffin – Seven Sermons to the Dead.

(10/10 Admiration-Points)

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