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Andreas Brandal - Jernvognen

Andreas Brandal – Jernvognen

Andreas Brandal – “Jernvognen” CD-R (Tape Drift, 2009)

Review from Vital Weekly:

Noise with a twist from this crafty Norwegian sound-smith, who has a distinct penchant for the dark and ominous. ‘Jernvognen’ itself is a reference to a 1909 mystery novel by Stein Riverton, which revolves around a “mysterious chariot which move[s] in the dead of night without leaving any track.” Intriguing subject matter, no doubt, though for me this record’s prime attribute is its stark evocation of the pitch-black arctic night. Nowhere is this more evident than on its sublimely atmospheric final composition, whose fragile, pensive drone ebbs in and out, accompanied by subtle guitar tomfoolery and a chilled, industrial ambiance. A delicious conclusion to the ordeal, it sends the listener skyward in a a whirl of Aurora Borealis and twinkling little stars. The rest of the record explores depraved, distorted guitar drone, as on evil part one (replete with sonic waves and shreds glistening above the noise) and steadily dissolute part two. Meanwhile, the record’s menacing third part deserves special note, as it craftily weds a brooding melodic loop to all sorts of bass-heavy interference. (MT)

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