“Subterranean Nerve Endings” out now!

My new album “Subterranean Nerve Endings” out now on Noir Age.

The label says:

“The creation of a sound world where the day’s troubles become buried in a rich, dark soil and passed over by one million anonymous insects. A world of despair activating a languid liquid, resulting in a muddy but joyous metamorphosis. Its creator, Andreas Brandal of Bergen Norway, the demiurgic force behind this human guise. Musically active since the late 90’s, Brandal’s body of work stretches vast, with “Subterranean Nerve Endings” being his most recent and first release with Noir Age.Deconstructed, insectoid rhythms pave the path for partially submerged vocal studies, staggering along the winding dance of reality. An intricate sound web reminiscent of Matmos’ textural insanity, with the slow-motion ethereal drama of later period Coil.Keep digging and you will find where the nerves end.”

You’ll find it HERE.

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