Four way split on Shack in the Barley Productions

I participate on a four way split on UK label Shack in the Barley Productions. The other artists are Grey Dungeon Groaner, Cousins of Reggae and Tabitha & Lulu.

The label says:

“…kicking off this stellar line-up we have Norway’s own Andreas Brandal, coming at you with a suite of glitching, twitching, crunching, grinding, sizzling, droning avant-garde mastery…hot on the heels are two slabs of dark age dirgery from Grey Dungeon Groaner…you won’t find any of that cosy, fluffy crap or wannabe LotR soundtrack boredom that passes as ‘Dungeon Synth’ these days here- no, these old school gems will have you rattling yer chains and chewing on a rotten rat carcass in no time! In complete contrast, the B-side sees Canada’s finest, the Cousins of Reggae blast holes in your poor, suffering sub-woofer with their unique brand of weirdly catchy psychedelic sludge rockin’, after which it’s up to Tabitha & Lulu to bring the curtain crashing down with 20 splendid minutes of cacophonous murk…helium voices babble, sun-dazed harmonicas wheeze, filthy feedback scorches and crud-caked drum machines go positively batshit- all for you, squire!
Red C90 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus two inserts.”

For more information and to order, go HERE.

Check out one of my tracks HERE.

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