“The Delusive Light” on A Giant Fern


My new album “The Delusive Light” is out now on A Giant Fern.

Label presentation:

Sounds from unexplored extensions of the minds magnitude. As the consciousness works towards becoming void of thoughts, subtle harmonies and lush pastoral aural scapings must be traversed. Rooting itself in the natural and being drizzled upon by Brandal’s craggy consciousness. Virgin beauty as seen by meditative explorers, in cadence with a touch of fear on the unknown. The tones of The Delusive Light harbor digital stalactites beneath the circuit board of sound. Binding solder dripping away as the entire composition melts in the minds perihelion. Finally, The Delusive Light flickers and elongates, bending introspective notes around a singular burning flame. (Words by Ken Lower)

Stream or download HERE.

Artwork by the always excellent øjeRum.

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