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Andreas Brandal – A Switch In Time

Andreas Brandal – “A Switch In Time” Tape (Oxtail Recordings, 2015)


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Andreas Brandal – A Switch In Time
By Bort on Jul 30 2015

I work with this guy who will walk up to you and straight up continue the conversation he’s been having in his head with you. For real. Take the other day for example. He sees me passing by and goes, “So Mary found another channel on the TV last night. It was pretty cool. Yeah, they play old movies. You know, older movies. Black and white. Yeah, they were playing…” and so on (I assume Mary is his wife/girlfriend). It’s always disorienting, but also always fascinating, no matter how mundane the topic is. Another time he found out that Kevin Sorbo is from Minnesota, and he lost his shit and told everybody that walked by him that Kevin Sorbo was from Minnesota. I don’t know why this was such a revelation, but it had a profound impact on him. He also has a Chuck Norris folder which he keeps papers in.

Andreas Brandal’s newest cassette, A Switch In Time, reminds me of this guy. As soon as you press play, you begin to be privy to a one sided conversation which reveals sonic landscapes mapped out by a foreign spaceship’s digital dashboard. It’s all so wonderful and bizarre and personal and strange. Imbedded in Brandal’s brain must be untold lands, demolished cities, smoking towers, and various other ruins which he effortlessly scores with his array of synths. Thankfully, he records these jams and passes them to us as we walk by him.


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