Two new split tapes

"Demons In the Architecture"

“Demons In the Architecture”

Two new split tapes are available today. The first one is part of a series called “Demons In the Architecture”, where Irish artist Cathal Rodgers teams up with different artists for each split. The others in the series are Fossils, RST and Culver.

One of my tracks for this split can be found here:


Flesh Coffin/Spermicidal

Flesh Coffin/Spermicidal

The second one is a split between Flesh Coffin and Cathal’s project Spermicidal.

An excerpt here:

Other tracks from the split series, and various other examples of Cathals excellent sounds can be found on his Soundcloud page.

Artwork for all these tapes is done by Marcel Hass / Apes of Doom

For more information, and to order either of these, go HERE.

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