“Parts Of the Puzzle” review

"Parts Of the Puzzle"

“Parts Of the Puzzle”

My album “Parts Of the Puzzle”, released on Ginjoha in 2011, gets 5 out of 5 stars in Musique Machine:

“…there’s never any sense of aimless wandering. Nor is there any real sense of “stasis”, the pieces develop and shift considerably: Brandal isn’t afraid to suddenly change direction, or radically alter the soundscape. In terms of sounds, there are two clear elements: electronic drones and field recordings. The drones are constructed out of synths and feedback (I think), looped and layered; with subtle melodic composition and a variety of colours. The field recordings, more often than not, add a true “dread” to the album; dragging “the real world” into the insular drones, but a real world seen from odd, obscuring angles…”

Read the whole review HERE.

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