“Séance” review

The webzine Ambient Exotica has posted a very nice (and long) review of my album “Séance”, out now on the Australian label Twice Removed:

“…Like it or not, but Brandal never ever leaves the comfortable habitat of the album’s endemics. The procession itself is shrouded in mystery, enshrined in excitement, alloyed with doubts, but the surfaces and melodies have no heavy liability. It would have been so easy for the Norse artist to astutely augment the hell out of a respective texture, letting it prosper, swell and then mutate until it reaches an oversaturated, overdriven, overabundant, over-whatnot state that grinds the bystander’s bones away, with a following cleansing of the unavoidable medulla splutters. As stated before, this is not the case, at no time during Seance…”

Read the whole review HERE.

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