Favorites of 2013

Thanks to all friends, collaborators and listeners for a great 2013 – here’s to an even better 2014! Some of the stuff I enjoyed this year:

Hiroshima Bird Market – “Happy Untergang” CD-R, Silberbiber
Afterlife – “Surfacing Illusions” Tape, Tranquility Tapes
Hoor-paar-Kraat – “Night Soil” CD-R, Goat Eater Arts
Nite Lite – “Megrez” LP, Desire Path (Released late 2012)
Rambutan – “Inverted Summer” LP, Fabrica
Brother Of Judo ‎– “Mediocrity Insensitivity Triumphalism” CD-R, Debila
Dave Phillips – “Live Action 130731” CD-R, Debila
Anthony Amelang ‎– “Anthrocene Hunter” CD-R, Darker Days Ahead
Xanthocephalus – “sp.” Tape, Tranquility Tapes
Gravitations – “Untitled” Tape, Anathema Sound
Torba – “Polyester Catacomb” Tape, Aaltra Records
Roped Off ‎– “Lifts The Invisible Tile” Tape, Tranquility Tapes
Somália ‎– “Cova De Fosco” CD-R, Celas Death Squad (Released late 2012)
Berber Ox – “Private Everywhere” CD-R, Twice Removed
Star Turbine/Miguel A. García & Valentina Vuksic – split tape, A Beard Of Snails

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