“Les Illusions Magnetique”

Les Illusions

Quasi Pop is the Ukrainian label that released my CD “Drive Home With A Hammer” back in 2005. The label is still going strong, and has just released a double cassette (2 x C60) compilation titled “Les Illusions Magnetique”.
I participate with a track titled “Throne”. The complete list of artists is:
Brume, KK Null, Our Love Will Destroy The World, Sindre Bjerga, Cheapmachines, Lasse Marhaug, Aki Onda, Howard Stelzer, If, Bwana, Edward Sol, Eric Lunde, Frans de Waard, Anla Courtis, Sudden Infant, Volcano The Bear, Family Underground, Carlos Giffoni, Aeron Bergman, AMK, Cornucopia, Andreas Brandal, John Wiese, Burning Star Core

For more information, and to order, go HERE.

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