Recommendations #15

Recent listening:

Hiroshima Bird Market – “Happy Untergang” CD-R, Silberbiber
Afterlife – “Surfacing Illusions” Tape, Tranquility Tapes
Isolated Existence – “Jennifer” CD-R, Darker Days Ahead
Hoor-paar-Kraat – “Night Soil” CD-R, Goat Eater Arts
Fecalove – “Void Chaos and Cum” CD, Crucial Blast
Nite Lite – “Megrez” LP, Desire Path
Meditations – “Precipice” Tape, Digitalis
Lunar Miasma – “Managing the Dream” Tape, Tranquility Tapes
Star Turbine – “Gravity” Tape, Sonic Meditations
Climax Denial – “Her Skin Remembers” Tape, After Death Records
Cory Schumacher/Suburbia Melting – “Departure” Tape, Darker Days Ahead
Nederlaget – “To Feil Er Bedre Enn En Rett” Tape, Phase! Records
Rambutan – “Surrounded” Tape, Obsolete Units

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