House of Bats review

House Of Bats' debut release on Lighten Up Sounds

House Of Bats’ debut release on Lighten Up Sounds

Musique Machine has posted a great review of the House of Bats (my duo with Robert Meldrum) tape, released on Lighten Up Sounds last year:

“…the album is dominated by slurred and slurring drones – often fashioned from abused and decayed tapes. These create an uneasy, foreboding atmosphere; performing the difficult balancing act of referencing horror soundtrack staples without becoming either kitsch or camp. Sometimes Brandal and Meldrum appear to be fleshing out chase scenes, through thick, overgrown woodland; sometimes its those moments where the hunted hides from the hunter – often, there’s just that sense of over-saturated horror; bringing to mind the prom scene in Carrie, or moments from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Amidst the murky layers of slowed-down tape spew, there are also other rotting debris: muddied voices, lurching synth lines, clattering junk, field recordings – as well as a subtle dose of HNW-esque textures…”

You’ll find the whole review HERE.

Listen to the album HERE.

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