“Horror Vacui”


There’s quite a lot happening with Flesh Coffin these days. Aside from the already mentioned “Raise the Dead”, plus another tape coming up on Worthless Recordings, I am now happy to present this C20 on the Berlin based label Aaltra, titled “Horror Vacui”. Not the most typical FC material found on this one. Here’s what the label presentation says:

“Andreas Brandal is the name behind Flesh Coffin. Active since almost two decades into the experimental/noise scene, he released a huge amount of tapes, vinyls and CDs under his real name or collaborating with other musicians/sound artists in projects such as House of Bats, KRAFFT, Drevne Bolesti, Men of Science or Uvesen.
Flesh Coffin is the most usual moniker he’s using in the last years to sign his solo-releases, aside from his real name.
“Horror Vacui” was recorded in early 2012, using tape loops, field recordings, analog and digital synths and various homemade sound-equipment.
This 20 minutes composition focuses on broken loops and muddy drones to conjure a more creepy and gloomy mood, rather than the harsh noise cut-up/junk metal attack common on most Flesh Coffin releases.
Andreas fill up this tape with intense soundscapes flavored by a genuine lo-fi inclination and dark but striking atmospheres as only a scandinavian’s heart can do. Limited to 50 copies, J-card on glossy paper, this tape come with a 25mm badge.”

Check out a sound sample HERE.

For more information, and to order, go HERE.

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