I wish you all a great 2013!

These are some of my favorite releases from 2012:

Afterlife – “Celestial Habitat” LP, Hooker Vision
Mole Hole – “Seclusion Tactics” Tape box, Lighten Up Sounds
Gomeisa – “Death Poems” Tape, Prairie Fire
Lettera 22 – “True Form” LP, A Dear Girl Called Wendy
Rambutan + Parashi – “Lesser Halogens” Tape, Sicsic
Isolated Existence – “I Belong Dead” CD-R, Smell The Stench
Artem Bezukladnikov – “’60 Sammlerstück” CD-R, Self released
Jake Vida – “Paths Untrodden” Download, Control Valve
Myrrh – “Hymns” Tape, Lighten Up Sounds
Hiroshima Bird Market – “Disloudening Drums” Tape , Gold Soundz
Andrew Quitter – “Entering Saturn’s Return” CD-R, Ilse
Various – “Duets” Tranquility Tapes
Rambutan / Fossils From The Sun – Split Tape, House Of Alchemy
Visitor – “III” Tape, Lighten Up Sounds
Fabio Frizzi ‎– “The Beyond” LP, Mondo

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