Debut release from House Of Bats


I am very happy to announce the debut release from my new duo with Robert Meldrum (Corpse Candle/Ghoul/Unearthed/Spider Tapes) House Of Bats. It’s a self titled C40 Tape on the always excellent Lighten Up Sounds.

Here’s what the label says:

Dare to enter The House of Bats. This is one of those recordings that might make you think that your tape deck is dying. Strangled and deeply bruised magnetic sound, twisted into tortured new shapes and thickly coated in poisonous bile. House of Bats is the duo project of Andreas Brandal (of Flesh Coffin, Hour of the Wolf) and Robert Meldrum (of Corpse Candle, Ghoul). Brilliant new harsh/creep score for hardcore social deviancy and subversive oppression of the subconscious. Real time duplicated clear shell cassette w/ lacquer sealed black and white labels comes packaged with double sided full color J-card, in a clear and red painted Norelco case. Hand numbered edition of 50. Mutant garbled death moves and truly demented horror audio

To hear a sample, order, and check out the rest of the goodies in this massive batch from Lighten Up Sounds, click HERE.

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