Recommendations # 14

Recent listening:

Carrion Black Pit – “Mythos” CD-R, Bored Bear
Jake Vida – “Paths Untrodden” Download, Control Valve
Travis Johnson – “Menotact” Download, Control Valve
Sickness – “I Have Become the Disease That Made Me” CD, Ground Fault
Lettera 22 – “True Form” LP, A Dear Girl Called Wendy
Adderall Canyonly – “Asuuna” Download, Field Hymns
Burial Hex – “In Psychic Defense” One sided LP, Sound Of Cobra
Corpse Candle – “Cemetery Radio” Tape, Spider Tapes
Stitched Vision – “Fold” Tape, Eternal solitude
Urna – “Liber Lelle” CD-R, Symbolic Prod
Bill Shute – “Junk Sculpture From the New Gilded Age” CD-R, Kendra Steiner
Rambutan – “Typhoon Shapes” Tape, Cae-sur-a
Hiroshima Bird Market – “Disloudening Drums” Tape, Gold Soundz
Gomeisa – “Death Poems” Tape, Prairie Fire

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