2011 favorites

Here are some of my favorite releases from 2011 (in no particular order):

Glue Clinic – s/t Tape, Lighten Up Sounds
Jake Vida – “Grip Of Inertia” Download, Art As Intent
Afterlife – “Hypnautic Rinse” Tape, Stunned Records
Stitched Vision – “Open Palms” Tape, Eternal solitude
Meditations – “33 Eyes” Tape, Anathema Sound
No Mind Meditation – “Molecular Clock” Tape box, Goldtimers
Andrew Quitter – “Entering Saturn’s Return” CD-R, Ilse
Ous Mal – “Riioraa.Viime Talvi” Tape box, Sweat Lodge Guru
Grasshopper – “Goodnight Sweet Prince” LP, Baked Tapes
Vomir – “Application à Aphistemi” CD, Maison Bruit
Rambutan – “Outside” Tape, No Kings
Dead Body Collection / Smrznik – “Existence Is Fukte” 2xCDr, Zvukovina
Mania / Custodian – Split LP, No Visible Scars
Unearthed – “Phase II” Tape, Spider Tapes
Cory Schumacher – “Decayed Output” CD-R, Dumpster Score

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