“The Beast Won’t Go To Sleep”

A new Flesh Coffin C30 tape, titled “The Beast Won’t Go To Sleep”, is available now from Lighten Up Sounds.
The label writes:

“Another deeply distressing session of abrasive scrape and rumble from Andreas Brandal of Bergen, Norway. What he presents here as “The Beast…” is a powerful addition to an already impressive canon. Boku bad dream vibes. Four tracks of harsh and destroyed sound that keep both feet planted firmly on the extreme side of the line. Obviously a document of deep catharsis, but with pain comes clarity. These recordings capture Flesh Coffin wallowing in a razor sharp sea of blown out junk and gigantic static assaults accompanied by strange creaking friction and strangled synth swan songs. Demon bells and blood gongs warped and bent. Grinding cut-ups flash quickly in front of your eyes as the walls crumble around you and the curtains catch fire. Fleeting mellow tones appear to briefly calm the beast, but the hate inevitably returns, spewing putrid air that will scorch your esophagus. Machete is dragged ferociously, shooting sparks and slicing walls. Real time duplicated orange shell cassette comes with lacquer-sealed black and white labels and packaged with hand numbered double sided cardstock J-card in a clear Norelco case. Like a trash compactor.”

For sound samples and to order, go HERE.

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