Recommendations # 13

Some favorites these days:

Glue Clinic – s/t Tape, Lighten Up Sounds
Afterlife – “Hypnautic Rinse” Tape, Stunned Records
Voder Deth Squad – “1” Tape, Stunned Records
Omei – “When All Your Ghosts Are Tired” CD, Ninth Circle Music/Misanthrope Studio
Sol – “Black Cloud Of Becoming” Download, Drowning
Damien Dubrovnik – “The Vanity Set” Tape, Järtecknet
Amph – “Öar Under Vatten” Tape, Järtecknet
Stitched Vision – “Open Palms” Tape, Eternal solitude
Thou – “The Archer & the Owle” Tape, Sweat Lodge Guru
Meditations – “33 Eyes” Tape, Anathema Sound
No Mind Meditation – “Molecular Clock” Tape box, Goldtimers
Compoundead/Taklamakan – Split Tape, Cantankerous Records
Emuul – “Two Studies For Order And Chaos” Tape, Tranquility Tapes
Andrew Quitter – “Entering Saturn’s Return” CD-R, Ilse

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