“Devil Worship…” review

Matthew Himes (Lighten Up Sounds) reviews “Devil Worship In the Slaughterhouse” (still available from Out Of Body Records):

The “Devil worship in the slaughterhouse” cassette is fantastic. Well refined, nicely dynamic and constantly shifting. Not as brutally harsh as I was half expecting, rather a showcase of solid creeper atmospherics with moody bursts of static skree. There are plenty of wild and harsh vibes, but the overall feeling morphs over the course of the album, and by the end the listener is left uneasy but strangely at rest. The metal abuse is there, but well controlled. More textural rumbles and creaks than full on blind assault. This feels like a natural extension of his work as Flesh Coffin, but I can hear some of the wonderful subtlety found in his other (more mellow) solo work as well. Andreas Brandal obviously knows what he’s doing, and this tape is yet another jewel in his massive discography.
Totally worth picking up!

Taken from the announcement on Chondritic Sound.

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