Disturbing the Dust

"Disturbing the Dust"

My new full-length album, titled “Disturbing the Dust”, is now avaliable from Kendra Steiner Editions. Here is the label description:

For 15 years, ANDREAS BRANDAL (from Bergen, in western Norway), has been one of the most interesting and satisfying composer-performers in the drone-ambient-noise field, issuing dozens of dense, multi-textured albums that have satisfied everyone from psychedelic travellers looking for the ultimate higherkey fix to noise-hounds looking for the ultimate jackhammer-industrial-metallic-grind bliss. When we first started the music half of KSE, Brandal was one of the first artists contacted, and he graciously offered us the long-sold-out 3″ cdr MINUS. For his second KSE release, knowing of our literary orientation, Mr. Brandal composed and realized a new seven-part drone epic that’s inspired by T. S. Eliot’s FOUR QUARTETS (the one Eliot piece that is essential), the poet’s ultimate meditation on existential questions of mortality and purpose, and using a phrase from the text to label each of the seven movements here, from the initial probing of Disturbing the Dust to the depths of Empty Desolation to the disquieting, self-reflexive  finale of Arriving Where We Started, Brandal takes us on a harrowing trip inside the psyche, with rare flashes of guitar, violin, and keyboard textures woven into the industrial fabric of the piece. It’s already being praised as Brandal’s most ambitious work, and we are honored that such an important piece is being issued on our label. It will be sold out in a few months, so get yours now while you can, in a hand-made, hand-numbered edition of 99 copies.

For ordering info on this, and more great stuff from KSE, go HERE.

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