New album on Stunned Records

"Then the Strangest Thing Happened"

It’s a great pleasure to announce my new album, “Then the Strangest Thing Happened”, released as a C39 tape on the always excellent Stunned Records. By the time you read this, the tape might be sold out from Stunned, but you can find it on Discriminate Music

Here’s what Stunned say about it:

It is our honor to work once again with Andreas Brandal, whose approach to sound-craft & production has gripped our full attention over dozens of releases now. ‘Then the Strangest Thing Happened’ masterfully introduces sensations of aural paradox and paralysis between worlds. It’s simultaneously unsettling and alluring, as the ingression of mechanical pulses with insectile rhythms build to highly memorable points of tension and release. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c39 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert.

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