Recommendations # 12

Been a while since I updated my recommendations. Recent favorites include:

Jake Vida – “Collections 1” Files, Pointless Blank/Art As Intent
Rei Rea – “Mallow Dents” CD-R, Crater Records
Ous Mal – “Riioraa.Viime Talvi” Tape box, Sweat Lodge Guru
N. – “Resignation” Tape box, Narcolepsia
Wether – “Walking Through Black Prisms” Tape, No Kings
Air Sign – “In Search Of…” Tape, No Kings
Sickness – “Mudlark” CD, Self Abuse/Ninth Circle
Sick To the Back Teeth – “Three Ghosts” Files, Owl
Justin Rhody and Matthew Himes – “Romantic Love” Tape, Lighten Up Sounds
Vomir – “Application à Aphistemi” CD, Maison Bruit
Heart Museum – “Leaf” CD-R, Mars Pyramid

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