Recommendations # 11

Some excellent stuff from recent listening:

Mole Hole – “Pangea” Tape, Lighten Up Sounds
Opponents – “Together We Will End The Future” CD, Prison Tatt
Sparkling Wide Pressure / Lee Noble – “Cassingle” Tape, Bathetic Records
Hobo Cubes – “Blaze Factor” Tape, NNA
Rambutan – “Outside” Tape, No Kings
Wm Berger – “My Castle Of Quiet” Download, Self released
Exploded Star Sad Servant – “Heavenly Sedated” CD-R, Self released
Vhulhva – “The Scrotum Afterbirth” Download, Self released
Blodvite – “Hãmnaren” Tape, Jãrtecknet
Niding – “Afgudaskymning” Tape, Jãrtecknet
Lychgate/Mistress – Split tape, After Death Records
Peiiste – “Ritual Moon” Tape, Human Ignorance
Blood On Tape – “Language And Movement” CD-R, Reverb Worship

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