New tape available now!

Autumn Drama

My latest release is a C40 tape on the American label Lighten Up Sounds titled “Autumn Drama”.

The label says:

“Dense yet spacious slow drift / scrape abrasions from Norway. The heavy pound of blood in your ears. Circular and beautiful noise from the contemporary sound-smith behind the harsh “Flesh Coffin” project, and with an impressive back catalog of solo releases on such small independent labels as Rotifer, Stunned, Tape Drift, Small Doses, Sweat Lodge Guru and 2AM. Brandal delivers clear howling tones and mechanical clatter amidst thick looping throbs. A sense of dread and serenity hangs in the air of these strange industrial soundscapes. Buried melodies and bass plunks lurk behind heady drones, scratchy abrasions and heavily rhythmic crackling. Lighten Up Sounds is proud to make these remarkable recordings now available for your very own personal psychic sauna. Clear shell with dirt orange and brown labels comes packaged with a full color fold out double sided cardstock J-card in a clear Norelco case.  A warm journey for a frozen head.”

To hear one of the tracks, and to order, go HERE.

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