Recommendations # 10

Hiroshima Bird Market – “Bridge Bypass All” CD-R, Self released
Bill Shute – “San Antonio Sky Songs” CD-R, KSE
Å – “Billot” CD-R, Anarchofreaks
Vomir – “Renonce” CD-R, Crucial Blast
Rambutan – “Age Of None” CD-R, Kendra Steiner
Baculum/Corpse Candle – Split, Spider Tapes
Evenings – “Montgomery Chapel” Tape, Tapeworm
Grasshopper – “Calling All Creeps” LP, Prison Tatt
Hum Of the Druid – “Norse Fumigation” LP, SNSE
Fire In The Head – “Carrion Wind” CD, Turgid Animal
Smrznik – “Gletcher Kassette 60” Tape, Zvukovina
Terence Hannum & Thomas Martin Ekelund – “Heresies” CD-R, Self released
Ela Vuk – “Vanish” CD-R, Self released
Taeter – “Absolut Nothing” CD, Turgid Animal/Trash Ritual

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