Recommendations #9

Recent listening:

Isolated Existence – “Wandering Through This Cold and Dark Place” Tape, IERecordings
Emuul – “Crawling Across The Rafters” Tape, Anathema Sound
Wereju – “An Anniversary Of Sorts” CD-R, Dead Pilot
Inhibitionists – “Lithium Salt Mines” CD-R, Tape Drift
Evenings – “Growing Isolation” LP, Fedora Corpse
Jake Vida – “Drowning In Thought” File, Art As Intent
The Faraday Trippers – “The Airburst Suite” CD-R, Seagrass
Critical Theatre – “Open Graves Full Of Light” CD-R, Crater
Kakerlak – “The Gardener” CD-R, Life Is Easy
Gomeisa – “Exile” Tape, Self released
Where Is This – “Infinite Uh” CD-R, Bored Bear
Vomir – “No Title” CD-R, Void Seance
Fukte – “Giallo A Venezia” CD-R, Toxic Industries
Unearthed/Ptomain – Split CD-R, Hellville
Wether – “Unnaturals” Tape, 905 Tapes

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