“Minus” on Kendra Steiner Editions


My latest release is a 3-inch on Kendra Steiner Editions titled “Minus”.

The label says:

“Recorded especially for KSE, MINUS’s four drones are deep and cavernous, full of molten flow and swirling pools, but with lots of room to breathe, and having a three-dimensional quality because of percussion textures (of wood, of metal, of porcelain) which seem to occupy the foreground of each audio landscape. The listener can create his/her own mental images while bathing in the audio heavy-water—I imagine abandoned nuclear reactors, sandy winds blowing civilization’s junk across a desert, underground rivers of chemical waste, meditation in the midst of a strip-mining operation. MINUS doesn’t sound especially like any other Brandal release, showing again what a eclectic talent he is, always juxtaposing new elements, always creating new and different sound environments.”

To order, and check out lots of other good stuff on KSE, click HERE.

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