Review of “Shipwrecks”

Club Debil has posted a review of my tape “Shipwrecks” on Licht Und Stahl:

Andreas Brandal – Shipwrecks (MC, Licht & Stahl)

This Mc starts with the sound of someone cleaning his hobby room. Scratchy noises, a dove coos in the back and a fine drony melody, that is joined by a darker, deeper soundlayer. But then the sound turns more the way the title purpots: deep dieses engine rhytms, slightly distorted braking of waves, signal horns… We’re on sea. Then it get’s a little more quiet, sounds like on a sailing ship, still the waves break and the sound of horns is all around.
On side two of this MC the sea gets a little rougher, it sounds like if we’re entered Arctic sea – illustrrated by cold and slowly rolling drones. Then the mood changes to more bright born by a exotic melody loop. After a while it turns back to sea noises added by metal objects sounds like on a building site. At the end a easy guitar loop is added to a light drone and some moody samples in the background.
All together a nice, more quiet album full of skilfully pimped up Drone Ambient.

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