Recommendations #8

Stuff I’m listening to these days:

Charlatan – “Romances” Tape, Tranquility Tapes
Crystal Plumage – “Seventh Circle” Tape, 2:00AM Tapes
Sewer Election & Treriksröset – “Rågsved” Tape, Thorax Harsh Cassettes
Family Treasures – “Altars Of Ashes” Tape, Tape Drift
Smrznik – “Relations Between Static Objects” CD-R, STS
Millions – “Goldmouth” Tape, Tape Drift
Bjerga/Iversen – “Empire Of Dirt” Tape, Abandon Ship
Jigging Pew – “Squawroot Bandicle” Tape, Rotifer Cassettes
Macronympha – “Pendulum” Tape, Mother Svage
Sean McCann – “Allay” 2*Tape, 905 Tapes
Cory Schumacher – “Recall” CD-R, CS
Josh Lay – “Rotted Afterlife” LP, Urashima
Rei Rea – “Hallah Tatatahhh” CD-R, Crater Records
Rambutan – “Silver Pharmacy” Tape, Anathema Sound

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