Recommendations #7

What I’ve been listening to lately:

Afterlife – “Bodies In Motion” Tape, Digitalis
Rambutan – “Dream of a Future Desert” Tape, Stunned
Jawsmoke/Nite Lite – Split Tape, Stunned
Critical Theatre – “Nine Tenths Of the Law” CD-R, Self released
Remlap – “The Burden Is the Catalyst Part 1” CD-R, Art As Intent
Corpse Candle – “Blood” CD-R, Kwark
A View From Nihil – “Triumph Of the Broken Will” CD-R, Order Of the HNW
Ättestupa – “Begraven Mot Norr” LP, RTB
Macronympha – “Futurismo” Tape, Mother Savage
Seziki Tetrasheaf – “Furnishings Of Former Lives” 2*Tape, Rotifer
Insurgent / TFT – “The Shape Of Static To Come” CD-R, TTM
Splinter vs. Stalin – “Eravamo Così Felici” CD, Turgid Animal
Cruudeuces – “Exile Digs” Tape, Tape Drift
Gomeisa – “Ego Death” Tape, Stasis

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