Drevne Bolesti on new HNW box set!

"In Girum..." box set

“In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni” HNW BOX

Zvukovina HERMETIC STATIC BLEAK AUDIO FACT 0068 September 2010:

Unrepeatable adventure!
Seven artists on seven discs in this new idea of happiness!

-Namazu Dantai
-Terminal Erection
-Drevne Bolesti
-Placenta Lyposuction
-Die Reitenden Leichen

Box contains seven audio cdrs and one dvd-r-audio backup (with 320kbps and also high quality audio files of all seven discs).
+ (24×36) poster, HNW stickers and insert with artist info.
Graphics and original letters by Andreas Brandal, design by Neven Smrznik. Quality cdrs with printed labels.
Packed in fat dvd case size of a vhs box.

Limited to 30 copies

€33 with postage payed worldwide.
paypal to zvukovinoise@gmail.com (please check for availability first)

Namazu Dantai


Terminal Erection

Drevne Bolesti

Placenta Lyposuction

Die Reitenden Leichen



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